Thursday, 10 January 2013

Craft Room cleaning continues..........

OMG what a messy room - I`ll share the photo`s with you when I`ve finished cleaning. So I can show you before and after. I`m at the point now where I can see the floor, half the table and most the crafty stuff is put away in boxes - where I know where to find it. The hoover coughed and spluttered when it saw the floor, I`ve picked so many sticky gems off the carpet I`ve lost count and found a template I thought was lost for good (and where was it - on the floor, where else would it be!!!) Here`s 2 cards I made on the same theme. They show a Lily of the Valley Happy Times stamp and some papers from my craft box.
Can`t wait to see the sneaky peak shows on Create & Craft this weekend from the CHA. Thanks for looking, Alison xxx

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